Maximizing Opportunities in Coffee and Cacao in the Americas

MOCCA is a five-year initiative funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and implemented by a consortium led by TechnoServe.



Strengthened market systems for more profitable coffee and cacao farmers

Across Central America and the Andean Region, 750,000 smallholder farmers produce coffee and cacao to help support their families. However, old and unproductive trees, diseases, and changing climatic patterns – along with inefficient market systems and low-value trading models – hamper farmers’ ability to farm profitably and make the necessary investments to improve their farms. MOCCA will address these constraints that prevent farmers from transforming their farms into more profitable ventures.

Rehabilitating and Renovating Coffee and Cacao Farms

Rehabilitation and Renovation – where farmers prune and stump, or replant unproductive trees – are important practices that can counteract the chronic challenges farmers face across the region. These techniques can bolster the longevity and productivity of the coffee and cacao sectors without expanding the crops’ footprints into forest ecosystems. However, farmers frequently implement these practices suboptimally, either by not using best practices, or by not doing so at the recommended pace or scale.

MOCCA will strengthen farmers’ capacity to carry out these practices by improving their technical know-how, increasing their access to the resources needed to implement and maintain their improvements, and integrating them into markets that reward their efforts with higher returns. 

MOCCA leverages the resources of the private sector to drive incentives for a more resilient and growing trade of coffee and cacao

Collaborating with others in the coffee and cacao market systems is essential to enacting the kinds of changes required to truly support farmers. MOCCA will partner with coffee and cacao sector stakeholders – such as roasters, processors, country-of-origin exporters, and other buyers; in addition to trade associations, researchers, lenders, governments, donors, and fellow project implementers – and together strengthen market systems that allow for greater shared value.

We will do this via the following seven components:

MOCCA Components