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Financing opens new horizons for Venancia and Victor

The municipality of Cubulco, Baja Verapaz, is located at the geographic center of the Republic of Guatemala, surrounded by mountains and lush vegetation and famous for its colorful traditions and folkloric dances. “Have you heard of the “Palo Volador” dance? In this dance, men hang by their feet from ropes attached to a 30-meter-high structure…”…

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ANECACAO: Exportable quality cocoa in times of pandemic

“At the beginning we suffered great hardship. There was no food, we couldn’t take the products to the market due to the license plate restriction imposed, we had to get up very early.” This is how Gabriela Ordoñez, producer of the Aromatic Agricultural Producers Association (ASOAROMATIC), narrates the beginning of 2020. Although it was not…

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Partnership launching the take-off of coffee growing in El Salvador

MOCCA and the Ministry of Agriculture signed an agreement to develop a strategy with a short and long term financial focus for coffee farmers. Among other projects, the joint search for financial solutions for coffee farmers, improvements to the training mechanism for farmers; development of standards, requirements and/or certification systems for coffee nurseries; as well…

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Chocoben cacao sets sail into new markets through MOCCA

“Now we are better prepared to face the market,” says Abdón Heras, Chairman of Chocoben. The company is preparing its first export to Bolivia and he tells us how the program “Maximizing Opportunities in Coffee and Cacao in the Americas” (MOCCA) helped them make the leap. Chocoben is an Ecuadorian company with more than 20…

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MOCCA y Jardín Azuayo financian renovación y rehabilitación de fincas de cacao

Financiamiento para impulsar la productividad del café y cacao en Guatemala