Comprehensive Remote Training Program

Due to the restrictions, and the desire to continue working in a responsible manner, MOCCA has implemented a Comprehensive Remote Training Program through virtual platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook. Through these platforms, MOCCA has created groups to share videos, guides, documents and other materials to strengthen the knowledge of farmers.

Farmers without internet access will participate in the Integrated Remote Training Program implemented through SMS text messages, radio and television programs, phone calls and personal visits from our trainers.

DOWNLOAD    MOCCA’s Protocol for COVID-19 Prevention Measures

Documenting the Effects of COVID-19 on Specialty Coffee Purchases

MOCCA and our partners support an equitable and sustainable “new normal” in the coffee sector. In collaboration with Specialty Coffee Transaction Guide, Catholic Relief Services, and Rainforest Alliance, we funded research on the effects of COVID-19 on specialty coffee markets and the lives of farmers.

Challenges of Farmers' Markets in Different Crop Supply Chains

Smallholder farmers faced significant challenges in selling their crops in the early months of the pandemic. Their incomes were affected by travel restrictions, supply disruptions, and rising supply and food prices. While the situation improved towards the end of the year, nearly half of those who tried to sell their crops in November still reported problems. TechnoServe, leader of the MOCCA consortium, applied hundreds of surveys in 11 countries, which narrate the resilience of thousands of farmers and the challenges that still remain.

“Developing remote training involves prioritizing best practices presented through traditional group face-to-face training and combining technology with TechnoServe's accelerated adult learning methods. Through this method, our training teams have been able to continue interacting in a safe manner with more than 20,000 farmers with access to smartphones and internet in five countries”.

Rubén Gallozzi
Coffee Director