MOCCA is entering into partnerships in Peru to improve the good farming practices of 14,800 coffee farmers, to strengthen the value chain by increasing sales of certified coffee, as well as to facilitate access to high quality planting material, better and more flexible financing terms.

To improve their productivity and profitability


Adopting good agricultural practices


Producers access services that improve their profitability


Strengthened with technical assistance and financing


For working capital, purchase of inputs and farm investments

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We work in partnerships

We connect producers directly with markets to have a long-lasting impact, beyond the life of a project. We partner with companies that not only wish to invest in improving coffee quality and yields, but also in the systems that make those improvements possible for the future, such as higher prices, good genetic material for planting, and more direct, feasible and profitable supply chains for smallholder farmers.

Our partnerships

Abaco es una Cooperativa de Ahorro y Crédito que contribuye a mejorar las condiciones de vida de sus socios a través de la prestación de servicios financieros inclusivos y de calidad. Con esta alianza facilitamos financiamiento de corto, mediano y largo plazo para inversiones en fincas cafetaleras.

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With this partnership, the capacity building of 6,400 coffee growers in renovation and rehabilitation in the intervention zones of Alianza CAFÉ will be strengthened through the intervention of the MOCCA program and the training ofCommunity Trainers in R&R modules and the establishment of demonstration plots.

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We provide technical assistance to coffee producers to improve their productivity and strengthen their skills in renovation and rehabilitation, organic fertilization and good agricultural practices that contribute to the reduction of climate risks. THE KEY ASPECT OF THIS PARTNERFSHIP IS THE FINANCING WE ARE FACILITATING WITH AGROBANCO

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We work through a set of interventions that empower some 2,000 coffee growers through linkages that promote quality, sustainability and productivity. The partnership among MOCCA, Nespresso and OLAM will result in the improved delivery of critical services to coffee-growing households by market system actors.

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Investments AG is an organization dedicated to the field of investments for the development of sustainable agriculture worldwide, promoting personalized financing models aimed at improving living conditions in rural areas. Through this partnership in Peru, we plan on providing coffee producers with short, medium and long term financial products for investments in the renovation of their farms.

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With this partnership, we are working towards increasing the productivity of coffee farmers in the Amazonas, Peru, improve the quality and consistency of exported coffee, and increase the volume of exported coffee . In addition, we hope to improve good practices in renovation and rehabilitation, and increase the number of producers certified as Organic, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, Café Practices, among others.

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“Every day I face gender barriers and overcome them to help coffee growers strengthen their knowledge of better farming practices that allow them to produce the best quality beans. Women have also learned about coffee growing”.

Fanny Ojeda
MOCCA Trainer
Amazonas, Perú