In Peru, MOCCA has established partnerships with buyers and other organizations, through which it trains 6,860 cacao farmers), faciltating access to higher-value markets, , to quality genetic material, andand promoting innovative financing models. Additionally, MOCCA is integrating producer organizations into the Cacao Flavor Map, as a tool to establish links with buyers of fine flavor and aroma cocoa13 Organizations that group 1800 producers have been integrated into the Map of Cocoa Flavors to market their offer of fine cocoa to international chocolate processors.

To enhance their productivity and profitability


Participants adopt good agricultural practices


Farmers have access to services that improve their profitability


Strengthened with technical assistance and finance, as clonal gardens


For working capital, purchase of inputs and farm investments

Where we are




We work in partnerships

We connect farmers directly with markets to leave a long lasting impact, beyond the life of a given project. We partner with companies that not only wish to invest in improving cacao quality and yields, but also in the systems that make those improvements possible for the future, such as higher prices, good genetic material for planting, and more direct, feasible and profitable supply chains for smallholder farmers.

Our partnerships

Through our partnership with Agrotec Corp, we provide technical assistance on agricultural best practices to cacao-growing families in the provinces of Jaén, support local organizations by training community promoters in leadership with an entrepreneurial approach, and facilitate access to financing through a microleasing model.

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The Peruvian Association of Cacao Farmers (APPCACAO) is an organization that promotes the production, productivity and consumption of Peruvian cacao and its derivatives nationally and internationally. Through this partnership, we provide farmers with technical assistance, better genetic material for planting, and access to financing besides strengthening the commercial ties between sellers and buyers.

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Through this partnership we promote the development of the sustainable cacao supply chain in the central jungle of Peru, strengthen technical assistance to increase productivity and sales in certified collection centers, and support the distribution of planting material and post-harvest packages to guarantee farmers the profitability of their crops.

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“I am a mother of two daughters, I have a small farm and every day I have to face the challenge of organizing myself between household chores, and my personal and work life. I am proud of the use I make of the time I dedicate to take care of my family and do my job”.

Domitila Ortiz
Community Promoter
Amazonas, Perú