Partnership with coffee and cacao sector stakeholders – from buyers, trade associations, producer organizations, research institutions, lenders, government offices, and donors to fellow project implementers – is essential to MOCCA’s mission to promote lasting, inclusive, and prosperous coffee and cacao market systems in Central America and the Andean Region.

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How to partner with MOCCA:


Are you a coffee roaster or chocolate manufacturer interested in bolstering the sustainability and prosperity of your sourcing models? Contact MOCCA to discuss how we can collaborate to:

  • – Pilot or expand higher value trading models.
  • – Innovate collaboration with your country-of-origin suppliers to train farmers to increase yields and quality.

Are you a trader or exporter looking to improve the quality and diversity of your supply? Contact MOCCA to discuss how we can collaborate to:

  • – Train farmers to improve their technical knowledge for assessing coffee and cacao quality, and their understanding of market needs.
  • – Collaborate with MOCCA to build the capacity of seed-producing farms, nurseries, and clonal gardens so that your farmer suppliers have access to higher quality planting material.
  • – Support the maintenance of coffee and cacao gene banks and genetic diversity conservation efforts.

Do you represent a bilateral or multilateral institution interested in innovating agricultural lending? Contact MOCCA to discuss how we can collaborate to:

  • – Contribute to new mechanisms for accessing credit for Rehabilitation and Renovation investments, and explore other financial services smallholder farmers.

Do you work in coffee or cacao research, and want to expand the impact of your findings? Contact MOCCA to discuss how we can collaborate to:

  • – Support knowledge transfer and strengthen local and regional institutions to put applied research in the hands of producers and other supply chain actors.